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The Bigger Lights Music Video
  • Director | Nicole Zeno
  • Producer | Nicole Zeno
  • Executive Producer | Angelo
  • DP | Dan Fussleman
  • Camera Operator | Nicole Zeno
  • Editor/Colorist | Nicole Zeno
  • Production Design | Nicole Zeno, Angelo

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Behind the Scenes: TBL - Salt Music Video

The Bigger Lights - Salt Video took a month to plan, a day to set up, a day to shoot, & a month & a half to edit / color.

Click Here To See Behind The Scenes Video

The Bigger Lights - Salt Music Video
he Bigger Lights is a Pop/Rock band out of Virginia. After 6 months of playing together they signed to Doghouse Records (All Time Low, All American Rejects, Never Shout Never). After years of touring and 2 records released with Doghouse, TBL decided to take their music into their own hands and wrote, produced and released a record called Battle Hymn. Battle Hymn is a diverse album with songs that hit almost every genre of music. Salt is one of the singles off Battle Hymn, a intense song about life bringing you from one panic attack to another. After teaming up with Topher (the lead singer of TBL) we came up with an abstract story line that fits the music. Even on a very low budget and without access to all the members we made it come to life through production design and camera moves.

Z2 Productions is very happy with the way the video came out and so is the band. We would like to thank The Bigger Lights for being coraporative and supportive through out the process.

To check out The Bigger Lights please visit them at or head over to iTunes to pick up Battle Hymn and other tracks by TBL