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  • Director | Nicole Zeno
  • Producer | Nicole Zeno
  • DP | Robert Featherstone
  • VFX | Nicole Zeno
  • Editor/Colorist | Nicole Zeno
  • Production Design | Nicole Zeno, James Weaver
  • Production Assistant | Nikki

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Behind the Scenes: A Skylit Drive - My Disease Music Video

A Skylight Drive Music Video

A Skylit Drive Music Video was a VFX driven Music Video. See how it was made!

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A Skylit Drive - My Disease Music Video
What started out as a short, ended up as a great example of a VFX music video. After director Nicole Zeno listened to this song and got the idea for the piece in her head (with inspiration from William Kendrick's Felix in Exile Piece) she knew she had to make it into a music video. She quickly picked up the phone and aquired full permissions from the band and the label to start work on the project. It took about two months to plan the shoots; two days of live action, on location, shooting and on green screen; and 5 months of post-production VFX (Visual Effects) to complete this very ambitious piece. Although it was never released by the label as an official music video, the band backed it and posted it everywhere allowing people all over the world to see it. It also premiered at a screening in a New York City, NY theater. Much excitment was generated by this video including "I love this video" emails from fans in North Africa.

Z2 Productions would like to thank A Skylit Drive for all the support and Tragic Hero Records for the rights to the song. If you would like to see more from A Skylit Drive please check them out at or head over to iTunes to pick up their whole catalog.