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About Z2 Productions

Z2 Productions is your stop for all your production needs, from television spots to photography. A division of Z2 Media, a company with a successful 15 year track record in web development and advertising, Z2 Productions is a group of likeminded people who have a genuine love for the visual arts. When Z2 Media's headquarters moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 2011, the founders saw a need for high-end, well-produced and innovative video solutions for companies based outside the scope of Hollywood and other major video hubs. Z2 Media's motto has always been to hire the most talented, passionate and driven people for the best results, an ever-growing company and happy customers. Z2's founders expand their business and teamed up with someone who they felt could bring a new perspective and grow this new division. In December 2011, Z2 Media and Nicole Zeno signed the papers to create Z2 Productions.

Z2 Media started in 1992 right in the middle of the explosion of the Internet. Z2 has always been at the forefront of new technology and advances in the industry because of its passionate, smart employees and founder. Hailing from New York, one of the hubs of design, Z2 rose to be one of the top award-winning media companies in New York. Once a client signs with Z2 they become part of the family and stay with us because of are quality designs and databases, our knowledge of business, our top-notch customer service and our history of proven success.

Director Nicole Zeno is a classically trained Video Production and Post Production Visual Effects Artist. Nicole started working at Z2 Media at age 16 as an intern and worked her way up to Head Designer, designing and coding websites until she decided to go to the School of Visual Arts in New York City, one of the top art schools in the country, for Video Production and VFX. While in school she worked at many VFX houses including The Molecule where she worked on such projects as hit TV shows Rescue Me and Lights Out. Nicole had a realization that her love for music and music videos could become a career. She started shooting, directing and editing interview videos for a music news website. She worked with bands, management and labels, setting up shoots and putting out videos all over the Tri-State area. Wanting to hone her craft even further, she started doing live and staged photography for all the bands she came into contact with. After five years of living and working in New York City, she received a job offer in Los Angeles to work with a big name director and in one week she moved out to LA. In LA she not only had the privilege to work on some exciting projects but also she got to learn all the aspects of the business including producing, directing, dealing with vendors and clients, production assistance and production design. Learning and working almost all aspects of the industry gave Nicole the knowledge to successfully team up with Z2 Media to assemble the best team and grow a new, successful business.

Z2 Productions is not just a bunch of people who started a company, we are trained, experienced, passionate professionals who have all the right answers to bring your company to the next level. Between Nicole's knowledge of the industry and her innovated edgy style and Z2's knowledge of business, advertising and clean design, Z2 Productions is the perfect solution to handle any project.

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